Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tribute to Richard Avedon and Veruschka

As you Know we have been recreating images from the past a tribute to them so that there impact on the industry is not forgotten . Phillip Ritchie and I recreated these images and it was not as easy as it looks, these people were so talented. We have it so much eaiser with the technologies of today.
I am recreating some images which have a place in my photography journey,

  Elise Immiti( Photography assistant, makeup , Hair, and stylist) 
Phillip Richie(photographer)
Morgan B (model)


Brigitte Bardot Recreation

Brigitte Bardot an icon of sexuality and beauty still rememberd by young models 2012

In the Corse of Working with Phillip Ritchie we have been recreating images of the past so that the people that shaped the fashion and photography industry today would not be forgotten.
 Here is Chelsea as Brigitte Bardot, in a shoot for Muse Magazine. Brigitte was a huge icon  a link to /Brigitte_Bardot

Phillip Richie (photographer)
Chelsea  K (model)
Elise Immiti (Hair, makeup and styling)

Christy Knowings

Had an amazing shoot the other day with the fabulous Christy Knowings. What a truly fun day I had, her energy and humor carried the shoot, such a positive energy. Id work with her all the time if I could : )
For the Shoot, the talented Ed Burns, did the video, and we got to record Christys singing, and what a wonderful voice she has. the entire day I got to listen to beautiful music all day. For those of you who know her and don't know what her voice sounds like, its amazing and ill be positing  the link soon.
Although I have met Christy Knowings a few times before, I had never worked with her, and I am excited I got the chance, I have always loved Christys Actings... When I grew up there were no kids cooler then the cast of nickelodeons "all that" and I grew up on a lot of the shows Christy stared in such as 'figure it out." Now the younger generation might not know about these shows but when I grew up it was the show to what and they were the cool kids. and it turns out I was right, Christy was fantastic to work with and so talented, I'm excited to work with her again soon .
Pictures and video to come soon : )


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kristina and Andrei Faji Wedding

What a beautiful wedding I had the pleasure of working on : ) They are the most in love couple I have ever seen. It was a vintage inspired wedding. Check out this teaser video from the event. Hair and makeup done by me with the help of the very talented makeup artists Sarah Kathleen. The amazing video was done by the amazing Christopher Orrett. He did an amazing job on their wedding video.

Please check it out !!!


Brittany BInger Photoshoot


Had an amazing photo shoot with photographer Phillip Richie and model/actress Brittany Binger. Such a kind and sweet person, i had so much fun hanging out with her for the day. We did photos for her website and she came up with the concept ideas for each shoot and they came out amazing......
Phillip Richie (photographer)
Brittany Binger (model)
Me (hair and makeup)

You Me and the Circus


Van Burnham and Serge Lutens


Worked with Photographer Phillip Ritchie on a Makeup concept, as some of you may know Phillip is working on recreating concepts from the past in order to bring light to those in our industry who have been forgoten. Serge Lutens was a photographer and makeup artist , http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serge_Lutens. we recreated some images in his honor using model Van Burnham, he was soo talented.
Van Burnham (model)
Phillip Ritchie (photographer)
Elise Ann Immiti (Hair and makeup)


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 new start

Being it is the new year and a new start I decided to start my blog again. For those who don't know I am a makeup artist and hair stylist in orange county. Recently I have also gotten into fashion design and photography.

I really want to make 2013 count so I am putting out there my goal of becoming a photographer and high end makeup artist and hair stylist.

I called my friend Chelsea and asked if she would like to be the first model I shot to start of 2013 on a good foot. I hand make her dress as well as the necklace and head piece for the shoot. I did the hair and makeup and photographed her myself. All in all, I am very proud of myself I think my first photo shoot went well .

Both the dress the necklace and head piece are available to rent or borrow for a shoot. I also have a number of dresses that I have made for previous shoots.

Hopefully I will only continue to get better in photography : )

Special thanks to the wonderful model Chelsea k. she is absolutely stunning and fantastic, I recommend her to anyone who wants to work with her, she is wonderful and sweet/

Chelsea K. (model)
Elise Immiti (hair and makeup, wardrobe, styling, photography )