Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crop tops, and strips and Models Oh MY

Another Shot from the amazing model Chelsea Kilkenny, Wardrobe provided by Myself at Nazz Designs, Hair ,makeup and photography 
by Myself, Elise Ann Immiti 

Water Work

As some of you know i have recently started doing photography. Its becoming a passion of mine and i have been so inspired by all the photographers i have been working with and have been so thankful that i have gotten to learn from them. 

My lastest shoot i did with the amazing model Chelsea Kilkenny, was a fashion and water inspired shoot. All the wardrobe was provided by me
and my fashion Company with Joanne Drake, NAZZ, the studded skeleton nude bra was custom made 
for the photoshoot by NAZZ designs. and the rest of the wardrobe was provided and styled by Myself.

I couldnt ask for a better model, she inspires me as a photographer and as a makeup artist. 

Chelsea Kikenny (model)
Elise Immiti (hair, makeup. wardrobe, styling and photography)